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Brand Marketing Manager

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Detroit, Michigan, United States

Boundless Promotions is a leading direct sales and marketing firm located in the greater Detroit area. We have been operating, growing, and expanding into markets nationwide over the last few years. We take a direct approach to bridge the revenue gap our clients experience so that we can target hard-to-reach markets and cost-effectively expand our client's footprint. Right now, we are looking for an ambitious, dynamic individual interested in developing their brand marketing knowledge and being a visible asset to the team.

Boundless Promotions is successful because of our relentlessly studious nature to keep up with and understand today's times and modern technology so that our firm is always at the forefront of innovation. We prefer to take a direct approach, so our clients always stand out amongst the competition. Our motto and way of thinking are that hard work beats talent when talent doesn't want to work hard. We welcome all past and current experiences and are entirely open to training someone with no prior brand marketing experience.

We want someone to fill the Brand Marketing Manager role and deliver personalized marketing support to territories in the local area through targeted product and service recommendations. As the Brand Marketing Manager, you will analyze and provide brand strategy recommendations based on your experiences with consumer interactions in a designated target market.

Responsibilities of the Brand Marketing Manager:

  • Act as a liaison between the customer and the client to increase brand exposure, meet the marketing and client goals, and establish an open line of communication
  • Directly interact with customers and clients while abiding by company compliance guidelines
  • Assist in managing the Brand Marketing team performance and facilitate new promotional material and branding strategies to execute our clients' campaigns
  • Manage the daily orientation schedule to ensure the proper materials are available for upper-level management and training needs are fulfilled
  • Assist in training, delivering meeting presentations, attending daily conference calls, and be prepared to offer advice for networking needs

Qualifications and Requirements for the Brand Marketing Manager:

  • Bachelor's degree is preferred, but not required
  • At least 1-2 years of experience in marketing, customer support, sales, or branding
  • Must be friendly and approachable
  • Must be willing to work a full-time schedule
  • Has an open student mentality and is self-driven
  • Open to working on performance and merit-based promotions and growth opportunities
  • Excellent communication, negotiation, and presentation skills