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Lead Machine Learning Engineer @ AI/ML Web 3 Security Platform Empowering Dev Teams

Integrity Power Search
San Francisco, United States

Integrity Power Search is recruiting for a new direct-hire Lead ML Engineer at an AI/ML Web3 Security Platform Empowering Dev Teams.

Company Overview: 

Our client is an offensive security platform that enables web3 dev teams to stress-test their code and deploy faster. Our team has a background in offensive security, web3 development and machine learning, previously at Palo Alto Networks, Otter Security, Mural Technologies, Stanford, SuperbAI. We're backed by fantastic investors including Alchemy Ventures, Symbolic Capital, 0xBeacon, Druid Ventures, Hyperithm, Orange DAO, and leaders from Ledger, Apple, Quantstamp, Blowfish and Meta.

Position Overview:

In this deeply experimental role - you will be tasked with coming up with end-to-end ML solutions to help grow and scale this highly needed platform. Teams spend $50,000 to $250,000 to have an audit firm manually review their smart contracts - Our client is automating the smart contract security process using machine learning models which increases the speed of vulnerability identification by 100x and reduces costs by 10x. You will be attacking this issue head-on on working directly with the founders. 


  • Build end-to-end ML solutions into production
  • Research, implement, iterate, collaborate, and produce features
  • Collaborate with team to drive results


  • Strong familiarity with language model training and fine-tuning.
  • Experience in exploratory data analysis - techniques including clustering, statistical validation, identification of difficult-to-classify samples, etc.
  • Desire to join a fast-moving engineering-centric work environment, and execute ideas quickly with autonomy.
  • Desire to work on the cutting edge and engage deeply with the ML scientific community in San Francisco


  • Deep knowledge of various loss functions, PEFT, and related techniques is a plus.
  • Experience solving problems with imbalanced datasets (i.e. familiarity with focal loss, anomaly detection techniques, contrastive learning, SMOTE, etc.)
  • Experience building model retraining pipelines/MLOps
  • Research background and/or PhD/Masters in ML or CS
  • Experience with lower-level code structures including ASTs, compilers, and intermediate representations
  • Prior experience working in a fast-moving startup environment
  • Experience enhancing the helpfulness of open-source models for specific downstream tasks, including RLHF/DPO
  • Experience solving cybersecurity problems
  • Familiarity with blockchain technology and smart contracts
  • Proficiency with ensemble model techniques including bagging, boosting, and stacking, and MoE

Core Benefits:

  • Top $$ Compensation
  • Competitive Equity
  • 100% covered health, dental, and vision for employee 
  • Education budget (materials, courses, conferences, meetups, hardware/software)
  • Impact on the product being employee 4 of the company
  • Career growth and a clear roadmap to promotion
  • Life insurance/ disability
  • Commuter benefits (1 MacBook Pro M2 16 inch 32GB RAM while employed)
  • In-office provided lunches and snacks

If you're interested in learning more, please email Brie at