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Sr. Frontend Engineer

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San Francisco, United States
Launched in 2012, Koding, a fast-growing startup (with over a million users), is seeking a Senior Frontend Engineer to join its engineering ranks.

Our product philosophy is "great design above all" . This is evidenced in the pixel perfection that we strive to achieve with our product. To get great design into the hands of the actual user, there's always the need for engineers who "get it." Key responsibilities will include creation of new UI feature sets in our core product offerings. Bridging the gap between creative ideation and functional, cutting-edge, web standards. Being involved in weekly tech shares and code reviews and staying abreast of the latest in front-end technology developments involving everything from our own KD Framework to build systems (gulp, grunt, webpack, browserify etc.), css precompilers (scss/less/stylus etc.), mvc frameworks (React, Angular, EmberJS etc.).

Koding is a developer-focused startup based in San Francisco’s SOMA district. Our core product is: “Development Environments as a Service”. We offer feature rich cloud-based development environments that are complete with free VMs, an attractive code editor & sudo level terminal… all in a browser.

Koding provides all you need to move your software development completely to the cloud. You will be up and running in minutes on your own cloud-based Linux boxes where you can learn programming languages like Ruby, Go, Java, NodeJS, PHP, C, C++, Perl, Python…the list goes on! You can experiment with installing/configuring/hacking Wordpress, Laravel, Django, Bootstrap and a slew of others or fire up a MySQL, Mongo, Postgres server with the click of a button. Our collaboration features allow you to pair-program with your friends and colleagues using audio-video and real time sharing of the entire development workspace. Leave your localhost behind and step into the future!

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